Department of Montana

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​Past Pound Keepers

PDD John Miller

​PDD Robert Graler

​Past Pound Dog of the Year

2019 Pound Officers

Sir Pound Keeper- PDD Wayne Mooney

Sir Senior Vice-Pound Keeper- DD James Merritt

Sir Junior Vice-Pound Keeper-  PDD Robert Graler
Sir Pound Smart Dog -
PDD Meade Phillips
Sir Pound Dog Trainer
DD Christ Ferguson

Sir Pound Mad Dog- DD Marvin Parker
Sir Pound Police Dog- 
Pup Luis Valdez
Sir Pound Watch Dog- DD Austin Keithley

Sir Pound Barking Dog- PDD Anthony Malley

Sir Pound Dog Robber- DD Joseph Rogish

Western Montana Pound 329
​Montana Pack
Hamilton, Montana

Chartered June 1, 2007

Past PITA Award