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Past Pound Keepers

2002   PDD Steve Hilton

2003   PDD Steve Hilton

2004   PDD Gale Rand

2005   PDD Bill Hunter

2006   PDD Bill Hunter

2007   PDD Bill Hunter

2008   PDD Bill Rogers

2009   PDD Bill Rogers

2010   DD Dave Viste

2011   DD Dave Viste

2012   DD Roger Cathel

2013   DD Roger Cathel

2014   PDD Jack Waterfield

2015   PDD Jack Waterfield

2016   PDD Jim Benner

2017   PDD Bill Rogers

​2018   PDD Bill Rogers

Past PITA Award

2002   None Awarded

2003   None Awarded

2004   PDD Bill Rogers

2005   None Awarded

2006   PDD Don Luwe

2007   PDD Wormy Dog

2008   None Awarded

2009   DD Bill Evans

2010   DD Dave Viste

2011   Pup Mike McCleary

2012   PDD Jack Waterfield

2013   DD Roger Cathel & Pup Larry Malby

2014   PDD Jim Benner

2015   PDD Joe Tripi

2016   DD Roger Arntson

2017   None Awarded

2019 Pound Officers

Sir Pound Keeper- PDD George Nilson

Sir Senior Vice-Pound Keeper- PDD Edward Olson

Sir Junior Vice- Pound Keeper- DD Mike McCleary

Sir Pound Smart Dog- DD Roger Arntson

Sir Pound Dog Trainer- DD Herb Gilmour

Sir Pound Mad Dog- ​PDD Bill Hunter

Sir Pound Police Dog- DD Dave Viste

Sir Pound Watch Dog- DD Shad Pepion
​Sir Pound ​Barking Dog- ​​
DD Wes Little

Sir Pound Dog Robber- PDD Steven Hilton

Tom C. Mather Pound​ 290
​Montana Pack
Great Falls, Montana


​Past Pound Dog of the Year

2002   PDD Don Luwe

2003   PDD John Miller

2004   PDD Gale Rand

2005   None Awarded

2006   PDD Steve Hilton

2007   PDD Bill Hunter

2008   PDD Bill Rogers

2009   Pup Larry Malby

2010   DD Ed Dobeas

2011   PDD Jack Waterfield

2012   DD Bill Evans

2013   DD Dave Viste

​2014   PDD Jim Benner

2015   PDD George Nilson

2016   PDD Joe Tripi

2017   None Awarded

Department of Montana