Department of Montana

2016-2017  Pound Officers

Sir Pound Keeper - PDD Michael Lawson

Sir Senior Pound Keeper -PDD Robert Chansler 

Sir Junior Pound Keeper - PDD Ronald Peterson

Sir Junior Past Pound Keeper -

Sir Pound Smart Dog - DD Dan Ritter

Sir Pound Dog Trainer - DD Greg Hendrickson

Sir Pound Police Dog - DD Jay Kneifel

Sir Pound Mad Dog - Pup Gary Shelton

Sir Pound Dog Robber - DD Steve Tozzi

Sir Pound Watch Dog - DD Michael Thompson

Sir Pound Barking Dog - ​Pup Kevin McCoy

Lyle Gillette Pound 374
​Montana Pack
Butte, Montana

Chartered October 5, 2016

The Montana Pack newest Pound.

NWDVCDD PDD Bonnie Holden presented the Pound with their charter and then administered the oath of office to the new pound Officers on October 29th in Helena, Montana at the Fall Grand Growl 

Look for for some great things happening with this pound of DOGS.